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  • Version : 5.3.1
  • Free version is provided

Platform Link File Size Installer
Windows Download 38 MB With installer
Windows Portable Download 52 MB No installer
Windows (64-bit) Download 36 MB With installer
Mac OS Download 17 MB No installer
Linux x86 Download 48 MB No installer

User's Guide

Release Notes

Install Notes

Windows (with installer)

Execute the dtsql_windows_5_3_1.exe file downloaded to your Windows machine and follow the prompts to install DtSQL. Start DtSQL by launching the start menu or desktop icon.

Windows (no installer)

Extract the file downloaded to your Windows machine. Start DtSQL by launching dtsql.exe or dtsql.bat in the installation folder.


Extract the downloaded file to your Mac machine folder. Double click to launch DtSQL.


Extract the file downloaded to your Linux machine. Change the permission in the installtion folder by : chmod 755 Start DtSQL by executing the following command in the installtion folder : sh